Hurricane Laura relief fund for Veterans

Hurricane DevAstation VictIms need immediate relief!

How you can help

8/28 UPDATE:  I just received an email from the Louisiana State Adjutant.  The VFW has about 4,000 members (and their families) displaced/impacted from the hurricane.  Every donation helps our brothers and sisters.

When disasters strike, we know federal aid will come, but we do not know how long it will take.  We also have wonderful organizations such as the Red Cross and other groups, but your donations also go to support business operations, and you have no control who receives your support.


Each Veterans of Foreign Wars is mandated to hold a relief fund, specifically designated to assist veterans in need.  With your donation, our goal is to donate to the VFWs impacted by the hurricane, and donate directly to their relief funds - so the veterans can get the IMMEDIATE assistance they need.  No red tape, no waiting, they can contact their VFW and get assistance that day.​  We are partnering with the Louisiana State VFW Department to insure your donation goes to the veterans that need it most.

The State of Arizona has over 500,000 veterans residing within the state.  Even with a $1 donation from every veteran, we can help support our brothers and sisters (and their families) in their time of need.

Donations can be made via the PayPal link on this website, or at VFW Post 3513, located at 7220 E Wilshire Dr, Scottsdale, AZ.

Jeff Jones

Commander, VFW Post 3513 

Scottsdale, AZ



Tel: 480 941-5258


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AZ VFW Hurricane Veteran Relief Fund